650 kVA, 415 V, 50 Hz, Prime Duty Diesel Generator

Mitsubishi Engine
Mitsubishi Engine

Special Features:

• Fully authority CRDI engine with superior fuel economy and Industry leading average load factor
• Silencer Placement inside enclosure
• Digital Voltage & Frequency regulation
• Remote monitoring & diagnosis
• Major Service points on one side of the system
• Longer maintenance interval 500 Hours or 2 Years
• No schedule overhaul

Force MTU Benefit:

• Global product design, single factory manufacturing product for the world
• Best in class smallest foot print
• Services of the future:
     •Service call request available on your finger tip
     • Genset health monitoring through mobile App and remote desktop
     • Remote diagnostic
• 2 Years or 5000 Hours warranty on entire Diesel Generator System

Standard features:

• Single skid mounted Engine, Radiator coupled to Alternator
• Radiator with 45℃ ambient temperature
• Dry type air filter with restriction indicator
• Integrated Fuel tank with 09 hours capacity
• Fuel Cooler & Fuel pre filter with water Separator
• AC Panel and DC Control Panel mounted inside enclosure

FM 600 Diesel Generator Rating
650 kVA 520 kWe 3 Phase 415V 50 Hz 0.8 p.f.
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