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DG Set With Force MTU Engine

DG Set With Force MTU Engine - 450 to 900 kVA

Force MTU Power Systems – 450 to 900 kVA

Force MTU Power Systems is an alliance between Force Motors and Rolls-Royce Power Systems having a manufacturing set up in India and selling globally the well-known MTU Series 1600, under-floor rail, 10 and 12 cylinder diesel engines for power generation, and other applications.

The combined strength of this joint venture of Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ incorporating the cutting edge technology in off-highway engines and perennial experience of Force Motors’ in retaining the superior quality in manufacturing has helped in reaching the network of competitive Indian suppliers and gaining vast knowledge of the Indian market.

Series 1600 generating sets (450 to 900 kVA) for power generation are manufactured by Force MTU Power Systems under the core brand MTU of Rolls-Royce Power Systems catering to Industrial & Manufacturing units, Airports, Healthcare & Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, and Data Centers.

Salient features Force MTU Generators:

• Best in Class Fuel Efficiency
• Full authority CRDI engine with superior fuel economy and industry leading average load factor.
• Silencer placement inside the enclosure
• Digitally regulated voltage and frequency
• Remote monitoring & diagnosis
• Major Service points on one side of the system
• No schedule overhaul
• Lowest Maintenance Cost
• CPCB II Approved



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